Show 70% Local Content on TV for Creative Arts Industry to Develop – Yvonne Nelson

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Ghanaian filmmaker Yvonne Nelson has outlined one key way of ensuring the country’s creative arts industry is developed.

According to the CEO of YN Productions, for the industry to move to a better pedestal, television stations ought to broadcast 70% of Ghanaian content.

She noted that there are quality contents while adding that giving local content maximum relevance will make people appreciate their output.

The multiple award-winning actress made this known in her recent interview.

“We want to see actors coming together to work as one. If I could put that in the creative arts bill it will be good. I just want the government to make sure all these networks are showing 70 % local content I will be happy I believe we don’t have that on our TV network,” she said.

“For me, I invest the money as far as this industry is concerned. I want to see better infrastructure put in place. I want to see people investing in us because I invest money and when I do that I want to break even or make a profit and that’s where my mind is. I want to see more cinema halls; we want to see local content on our television networks,” she added.

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