PHOTOS: Man Forced to Shave off Beard because of ‘Terrorist-looks’

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Osama Bin Laden’s brutal attack on US which historically is the worst form of terrorism visited on humans is still indelible in the minds of every single American citizen.

That infamous September 11, 2001 attack has left some sort of psychological scar on Americans to the extent when you leave your beard untrimmed, you are tagged a potential terrorist.

This is exactly what happened to a black barber from the UK who was forced to shave of his beard in order to take off his “terrorist” look. People were always whispering around him, and even refusing to seat beside him on public transportation.

John Essien, who is black British, admits that one day while riding the tube (London’s underground), people fled the carriage he was in, when his hairdressing clippers started vibrating inside his bag.

37-year-old Essien got tired of the looks and comments on his style. He shaved off his beard, and decided to stop carrying a backpack. Essien, who lives in Amersham, has four daughters. He does admit to understanding the alarm has raised in some people when he sported the long beard.

Yet he is worried some can be so “judgmental”. He adds that “we’re all equal and I think people do need to speak out and understand. I started getting paranoid. I thought ‘do I smell’?”

The barber says the experience is horrible but now his beard is off, people have completely their opinion about him.

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