We Have Been Neglected – Ghanaian Associations in South Africa Cry Out

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Ghanaian associations in South Africa have accused the past and present High Commissioners of Ghana to South Africa of neglecting them in their policies making.

According to them, the use of Ghanaian associations by the government of Ghana for the past twenty (20) years is not enough; situation they said is negatively affecting the welfare of their members.

Speaking on “Ghana Te Sen” show on South Africa – based Press Radio hosted by Kwaku Anane Junior on Saturday,17th August 2019, Chairman of Ghanaian Community of Butterworth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Mr. Stephen Kojo Wulingminga stated that the Ghana government should make more use of the Ghanaian associations outside Ghana.

“My advice to the Ghana government is to make more use of the Ghanaian associations outside Ghana, they are doing that but I think is not enough. They should do more to consult us, to get information to get things done, things that are meant to be done for Ghanaians in those countries. I think we can do this to help our fellow citizens and ourselves in countries outside Ghana” he stated.

Adding that “they should not look at politics and say this person what to go to this country as ambassador and the same people when they go to those countries they don’t fit in, they don’t even know how to start functioning in those countries and we sit here we got all the experience in those countries but we are not able to help which has become our greatest problem”

Mr. Wulingminga further advised the High Commissioners and the government that it is the Ghanaians who have stayed in a country for long that will help them to achieve their aims so they should involve the associations in their decisions and policies making.

He however, commended the High Commissioner of Ghana to South Africa, His Excellency, George Ayisi – Boateng for consulting the various Ghanaian associations to promote the development of Ghana and the welfare of Ghanaian diaspora in South Africa.

He stated that the move by the High Commissioner to ensure that every Ghanaian born babies in south Africa would be given birth certificates is in the right direction so Ghanaians should support him.

According to him, he is optimistic that the current administration under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo can transform Ghana through his positive policies and social interventions such as free SHS, planting for food and jobs, one district one factory.

Source: thepressradio.com

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