Oman Ghana Baako launched in London

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With Blakk Rasta, Naana Hayford and Agya Koo in attendance, Saturday the 15th of June 2019 saw some Ghanaians in the UK and abroad coming together to support a remarkable vision like Oman Ghana Baako.

Gracing the event were Archbishop Frimpong Manson B.E.M, representatives from the Ghana High Commission in London, queen mothers, traditional chiefs and rulers, the Deputy Mayoress of Luton Maria Lovell as well as other dignitaries.

Oman Ghana Baako simply means one Ghana or united Ghana. There is a certain school of thought blowing through the minds and sensibilities of some Ghanaians living abroad, notably the United Kingdom, to challenge some of the difficulties facing Ghana as a country.

Oman Ghana Baako, according to its organisers, is a non-governmental organization and as such a social development force that will arguably seek to drive, serve, protect and share its resources among fellow Ghanaians as one people.

In his keynote address, Mr J.K. Edwards as the Chairperson of Oman Ghana Baako said: “Ladies and gentlemen, you may not know behind the scenes, when this vision came. The bearer of this vision called upon me, and we began to craft the vision with ideas for Oman Ghana Baako”.

And quoting from the late president of the United States of America John F. Kennedy Mr Edwards added: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

“The vision of Oman Ghana Baako sits very well with this famous quotation. So we should also ask ourselves what we can all together do for mother Ghana in whatever capacity or area.

“The desire to help the poor and needy in our communities and villages in Ghana to better their lives, underlines the vision of Oman Ghana Baako.

“ It is a vision that has no political colour, but with a commitment to encourage all Ghanaians in the diaspora by volunteering their acquired services and skills, technical and professional expertise, the know-how to help build the social-economic development of Ghana.

“It is a rallying call, it is a call for every one of us who have had the opportunity to live in this part of the world, to change certain things in Ghana for our motherland.

“Now, is the opportunity to rise up to the challenge and do it,” he said.

An invited guest of honour in the person of Sierra Leonean journalist Sorious Samora who is best known for two CNN documentary films, Cry Freetown and Exodus From Africa, said, “I was in Botswana doing a story and I found out that you would not even find one person from that country cleaning the street of UK or the US. Not one. Why because they have hold on to their chieftaincy, they are holding on to their resources in order to build Botswana. That is why they are home to enjoy the small gold and diamonds that they have. I come from Sierra Leon and I can say we are not benefiting from what we have. It is a laudable venture and may God bless those who thought of this idea, about how Ghanaians in the diaspora are going to come together and empower ordinary Ghanaians.”

He continued, “Because by starting to contribute and helping Ghanaians back home, Ghanaians abroad are saying to the government back home to be careful, because the ordinary Ghanaians are taking the power back. Because that is what is needed, nobody, and absolutely nobody disrespects you without your permission. We have allowed Africans to be disrespected, we have allowed Africa to be disrespected and Ghanaians have allowed themselves to be disrespected by politicians and the powerful.”

According to him, this is what this gathering and its vision want to change, “so let this vision be your mission to actually empower ordinary Ghanaians. So that Ghanaians can build their own schools, their own hospitals and not leaving everything for the government to do, because ordinary Ghanaians can do it”.

Finally, Archbishop Frimpong Manso officially and publicly declared Oman Ghana Baako to its patrons and the general public as a social and non- governmental organisation.

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