Miss Ghana 2019 Search Begins

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The search for the next Miss Ghana has began in Accra with auditions at the Tang Palace Hotel.

Several young women availed themselves to be auditioned for the enviable crown and all the privileges that come with it.

As early as 8am they came in from all walks of life, some looking nervous while others beamed with confidence.

This reporter sat through the auditions and it was quite interesting; as expected, some of the aspiring contestants gave a very good account of themselves while others’ performances fell below average.

We spoke to some of the aspiring contestants before and after they had been auditioned.

24-year-old entrepreneur, Josephine Akosua Gesu, felt relieved after her session with the panel of judges.

“I think I was nervous but the judges were fair enough to understand and encourage me to speak, I hope to make it to the finals,” she said.

Before meeting the judges, 19-year-old Nana Ama Bannerman admitted that she was a bit nervous, “I am a little nervous but I trust in God and my confidence, I want to be Miss Ghana because I believe it is a grooming ground for ladies like myself. I am bold, hardworking, intelligent and confident,” she stated.

For 19-year-old Erica Apraku, being crowned Miss Ghana will change her entire life. “I am nervous but I believe it will go well, I want to be Miss Ghana because I want to work on sanitation and I want to be well groomed and improve upon my public speaking.”

23-year-old Ali Suzzy Myrah looked very confident while waiting for her turn. “I am not nervous, I expect nothing but the best. I am hopeful of making it to the finals.”

Her name is Zineth Delgador and she is a 24-year-old student and model. “I am expecting the best for myself, I want to be selected. I want to be Miss Ghana because I think it will help me address the problems in my community, Ashiaman.”

22-year-old Edwina Ayerkie Sackey was full of optimism after she had met the judges, “On the scale one to ten, I will give myself nine. I was quite nervous before I went in, my temperature was rising but I went in there and it was good, I know I will make it,” she said.

Showbiz spoke to Akumaa Mama Zimbi who was one of the judges and this is what she had to say.

“You can see the serious ones, the ones who want to get to the top and those who are just passing through.

“If you want to be Miss Ghana and your height doesn’t meet the criteria, I don’t know why you should come. Anyway, we are entertaining ourselves and educating them as well.”

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