Sex on First Date Doesn’t Make You Cheap – Princess Shyngle

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Actress and model, who doubles as an Instagram slay queen, Princess Shyngle is of the view that it is totally fine to be ‘chopped’ on your first day and she has stated her own reasons.

In an Instagram post, the slay queen has made it clear that getting banged on your first date is never a crime and it doesn’t make you cheap either.

Well, Princess Shyngle has been in the news for most of the good or bad reasons and her recent news caused a buzz as she teased her colleagues (female celebrities) who have literally become canopies instead of being brides, and that was a punch.

According to the actress, if you get banged on your first date, you call that a relationship interview and it doesn’t make you cheap. You pass this interview if your man comes back for more.

She wrote; “Sex on the first date doesn’t make you cheap, it’s called relationship interview and if you’re called back then you got the job #justforlaughs# dress – Primark €4. Belt bag – river island €35. Fluffy slides – Zara €30slay on a budge #blackisbeautiful #melaninpoppin #saynotobleaching #vacation #amsterdam #favoritecity”.


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