Sitsofe Tsikor: Lack of Proper Structures already Wrecking Ghana’s Movie Industry

The Ghana movie industry has taken a gradual spill of events in recent past and many stakeholders have cited diverse reasons in this regard. While some are of the view that it is no longer industrious or lucrative, others hold different opinion.

In the light of the exchange of these views, caught up with Ghanaian actress Sitsofe Tsikor in an exclusive interview who revealed among other matters, her acting career, overcoming challenges, and thoughts about the industry.

The Achimota School alumna who also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Central University disclosed movie industry exists in Ghana, however, it is relatively minimal and needs appropriate structures to function properly.

“Well I don’t side with them entirely, because there is an industry, however it’s small and also needs the structures to work. Lots of things do not work in the chain structure and in the end, it affects us all and it’s killing the already small industry,” the former Marketing Manager of Safety Transport and Logistics Service (STLS) stated.

The “Table of Men” and “Squatters” star who left her corporate job 5 years ago told she does not regret reading Marketing instead of Theatre Arts for First Degree since “it ties in very well. Because, after that I still took an ‘Acting for Screen’ course in CityVarsity, Johannesburg. And I will always take fresher courses should the need be. Because you never stop learning new ways to depict human character and mannerisms in the changing times. And acting is one of the few careers that you never actually retire. So, I don’t intend to stop learning; I love that I got that degree.”

Asked whether she will totally do away with acting and return to the corporate world for a GHS40,000 monthly salary job, the actress who plays the character Eva in Sadia, TV3’s current hit drama series noted that “I probably will pause and do that for a year maybe and still run back to my first love i.e. acting. Just to perhaps save up for rainy day and also do a lot more things I will love to do with regards to my career.”

On the issue related to alleged sex for acting roles, the beautiful screen personality acknowledged that “well if it did not [exist], people would not speak about it. First of all, I don’t think sex for anything — be it job, money or favour is only in the acting industry; I’m sure it happens even in churches and the banking industry. The only difference is, we probably do not hear much about theirs.”

“Secondly, that’s why you need an education and also know and value yourself. So as an actor, you know what you will accept and what you won’t. That being said, these things are all a matter of choice and we are all different,” she added.

Due to the current state of affairs with regard to film-making in Ghana, many actors/actresses have ventured into movie production and/or directing. When quizzed Sitsofe whether she will also follow the steps of these personalities she stated “no I’m not sure. All I want do is act. If I’m ever able to even have a production house someday, I’ll still outsource those bits to those who do them [producing and directing] best.”

As an actress who boasts of the quality to enter into another character, engage audience,  and understand dramatic techniques, she reveals that she researches and also observes a lot of people who generally fit the type of roles she plays.

Although Sitsofe has worked with some great movie directors, she does not have a favourite. Nonetheless, she mentioned the qualities she expects from a director.

“A great director for me is one who can criticise an actor constructively and mindfully without hurting their ego. Because regardless of what role, it is an actor playing [it]. Our work is all about bearing out our souls and hearts; our ego needs to be intact while we do it. A great director also knows how to commend an actor when it’s good. Thirdly a great director knows how to prepare an actor for every single scene to bring out the very best from them,” she said.

The stylish actress who possesses an impressive sense of fashion revealed “when you look good you feel good and it boosts your confidence and as you know, confidence plays a great deal of role in getting jobs and we are always trying to get jobs. Unlike any other profession we always job hunting.”

She has also taken the opportunity to ask for support from all stakeholders with respect to the Ghana movie industry.

Sitsofe who listens to audio books and podcasts, watch movies, play around with recipes, sleep during her leisure, wishes to expand her territory in terms of number of quality jobs and embark on other projects that she has planned.

Growing up in Ghana, she speaks five (5) languages, she was born to a Ghanaian mother who is an Ewe and a Nigerian father from Isiala Mbano, Imo State.

The actress who has modelled and done voice-overs for TV commercials is also noted for her roles in ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’, ‘It Takes Two’, and ‘The Anthonios’.

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Sitsofe Tsikor on set
Sitsofe Tsikor with the radiant smile



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