I Don’t Date Broke Guys – Moesha Boduong

If you are a young man with a car, you probably should be thinking of being one of curvy Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong’s ‘sponsors’, that’s if you have ever wanted to.

Despite her backlash following her infamous interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on her ‘Sex Around The World’ report, the actress has stated emphatically that she does not date poor guys.

She mentioned that this is due to her past experience with her ex-boyfriend, who was broke but later on broke her heart.

“My first boyfriend was a man without cash and we were struggling together but he cheated on me severally and got my heart broken. After such experience, I vowed never to date a broke guy,” she told SVTV Africa.

She went ahead to state what she looks for in a man before she goes into any form of intimate relationship with him.

According to her, the person ought to won, at least, a compact car, with much emphasis on Toyota or Hyundai.

“I can’t date a man without a car, a man with at least a Corolla or a Hyundai isn’t bad for a guy who wants to date me,” she stated emphatically.

Watch Moesha Boduong’s full interview with SVTV below:

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