EXCLUSIVE! Ghana’s Only Style Coach Nancy Adobea Anane Shares her Interesting Story

Building a professional career, and of course a successful one in a sector that is relatively unusual to a specific group of people is a very daunting task. Such is style coaching in Ghana — a field of empowering people in personal development, self-exploration, among others where one resolute Ghanaian leads the way.

This is the story of Ghana’s only professionally trained style coach Nancy Adobea Anane affectionately called Ms Nancy who has carved a respectable career in the sector, in the country.

eFocusLive.com engaged Ms Nancy in an exclusive interview and she had some interesting revelations about her career in style coaching, journalism and more.

With a desire to setup a non-academic school where trainees would not study to write exams but rather make themselves better, the renowned grooming expert who is also known for her role as the Chaperone for TV3‘s Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2014 beauty pageant describes her experience as awesome and believes it gave birth to her style coaching career.

“It was awesome, I think that my experience at TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful is what gave birth to my style coaching career. Originally, I was a broadcast journalist, I had done about ten (10) years of radio and a bit of TV but then, being asked to come [and] groom the beauty queens was the opening that gave me the impression that I have a passion beyond radio and TV,” she said.

“I have that grace of turning people’s lives around with my choice of words and encouragement. And so after GMB 2014, I decided to branch into this (style coaching) formally and professionally,” Ms Nancy added.

With about 10 years experience as a broadcast journalist, she was also inspired to have a career in style coaching because of the delight she takes in seeing people look great.

“In fact it gives me joy to look great and it gives me so much joy when people around me actually look better. So I’m the type that is not just interested in myself, I’m interested in the people around me. I have the ability to put the spotlight on other people. And so it was okay for me to practice style coaching because I’m not a selfish person, I want to see people look better, [and] feel better about themselves. That’s how come I decided to make style coaching a career.”

Ms Nancy at Breakfast Party and Style Talk event in March 2017

A graduate from the Style Coaching Institute in the United Kingdom, Ms Nancy also spoke about her desire to train other women/young ladies to take up the style coaching path in Ghana.

She also expressed her views about the brand of Ghanaian public figures — pointing out the need for them to consciously create the image they want to present to the general public.

“I think that a lot of people are taking their brands for granted in Ghana especially those in the limelight — politicians, musicians, movie stars, and other people in the arts industry. I think that we have gone beyond the era of just branding products into branding people. So there should be a conscious effort at packaging yourself and giving out your best and putting the spotlight on your great attributes so that most people will notice [it]. I think that for most of them, stardom happens to them and people eventually decide on whom they want them to be. They don’t consciously create the image they want people to see of them. I think it’s very bad. Eventually, we have started style coaching, personal branding is part so, may be with years to come, people will sit down and say that I want to be a musician and this is my brand, this is the image; when people think about my music, this is what they want to think about me and they will consciously build it. Having social media presence doesn’t mean you have a great brand. So, the value of your brand is what we are talking about, its not how popular you are on social media. But if you are popular on social media, who is putting their money on you — because you are popular? If you haven’t gotten there yet, you’re still nothing,” the CEO of Style Coach GH stated.

The renowned style coach also advised that people should be mindful of what they watch on TV and shouldn’t copy everything they see on it because the make-up, hair, clothing etc. are done just to suit the lighting aspect of cinematography and make it appear well.

Ms Nancy has continually maintained an unmatched style and reacting to how it has contributed to her career, she mentioned that “yes I have a good taste when it comes to style because I don’t spend every penny I make in trying to look good. I’m stylish enough to be turning things around. So I believe in people being stylish, thus, their ability to turn things in their wardrobe around than buying everything new on the market. Economically it’s not healthy and especially for the young ladies, they will get to do things that they didn’t intend to do just to look a certain way to have public appeal. So it’s important for a woman to be stylish rather than fashionable.”

The co-host of Duvet, a sex-love talk show which airs on GhOne TV every Thursday also revealed that “if I were not into style coaching or hosting Duvet, I honestly would have been preaching by now. I think I have a calling and I have the passion for the work of God. And it is just resting, at the appropriate time, I will wake it up. So Duvet, style coaching and ministry definitely,” she stated.

The personal grooming expert also threw more lights on her greatest achievement and challenge in style coaching and her remarks posit she is obviously ready to defy all odds and effect positive change in the society.

“Style coaching is a very transforming career. There are times that you meet people and they are so raw and after the coaching, the transformation you see is amazing and that’s my most gratifying moment. I’ve not won any award in Ghana but trust you me, the lives I’ve turned around makes me feel great. So for me, having the ability to turn people’s lives around positively is what it is for me. That’s my greatest accomplishment, and I hope that any person that comes into contact with me especially for style coaching purposes will actually get that transformation — it’s my greatest joy,” the mother of one said.

“My greatest challenge is building the brand Style Coach GH. In Ghana, there are a lot of image consultants and stylists but style coaching is so different. And I’m the only person that has been to the school to have studied [it] so there wasn’t anybody ahead of me whom I could call a role-model and whom I could imitate so I had to do this from scratch — all by myself — get Ghana to believe in style coaching and accept my career all by myself and it has not been easy. But it gives me pride to know that I didn’t look at the easier option — I didn’t choose something that someone already was, I chose something that I have become, that other people would want to become after me. I chose a more difficult one and it has been gratifying because style coaching involves building brands — so if I’ve not been able to build my brand, how do I get people to actually believe that I can build their brands? I have been a living testimony of what a young woman can do. It is barely 3 years and we are here. So I love the progress I am making. The picture is bigger, I want to go further. These are just little steps I’m taking but I’m absolutely confident that I’m taking the right steps and its going to end well.” she added.

Ms Nancy also made an interesting revelation about her plans to style the First Family of the Republic of Ghana in the next half-decade while adding that she will quit style coaching if it does not materialize.

“If within the next five (5) years I’m not at the presidency styling the President or the First Lady or something, I would have to resign from style coaching. That’s the plan apart from my personal school that I would want to [establish]. I would want to be the woman who makes every relevant man or woman in Ghana look great and present themselves better,” she stated.

Nancy Adobea Anane is a lovely person with the desire to transform lives through style coaching in Ghana. She is into personal styling, grooming, personal branding and speaking engagements.

Ms Nancy speaking at Starr Woman Project 2017
Ms Nancy on set of ‘Duvet’ with Giovani Caleb, and guests

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