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An idea was born for an Online TV Channel that would serve the whole of central and western part of Europe, USA and the United Kingdom; and could extend to other parts of the world due to the fact that it streams online on all social platforms. A survey was made in 2015 by my team in Europe and we discovered that by 2020, television will no longer be relevant. 85% of NOW television viewers would switch to their mobile phones, computers or tablets to watch content online. The survey also revealed that, people would rather watch what they can control than normal television programming of which they can not control. This means, people would prefer watching what they want at any time they like than what is prepared for them by a TV station at a particular point in time. We also discovered that: (A) 95% of Ghanaians living abroad watches TV online (B) Ghanaians and Africans in General likes to watch local content produced from their various home countries. And last but not the least, we also discovered that as much as they like to watch locally produced content from Africa, the Africans living abroad are left out and they never get to see themselves as part of the story telling.

In this view, we (e-Focus Live)gave birth to an idea that would address the full entertainment needs of Ghanaians and Africans living abroad. We decided to create an online TV channel that would stream 100% African programming online but produced by the Africans living abroad. A channel that would show the lifestyle of the everyday African living abroad in News and entertainment programming. 85% produced in Europe with the rest coming from around the world but 100% African. Just imagine a German born Ghanaian reading the 6 O’clock news in Akan. This is the kind of entertainment we want to give to our people because we know, that they also want to be part of what they watch.